Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Look

9:44 PM

I got a makeover.  I cut my hair around this time last year, into a bob. My desire was for a sleek bob.  It didn't turn out the way I wanted and I felt like a not-hot librarian.  Bleh.  So I grew it out again. 

A couple of weeks ago, after much searching and plotting, I did hack 2.0.  And I love it.  I LOVE IT!!! I feel like me again.  My raggedy ponytail is long gone, and I feel fresh and young and carefree and cute.  I feel cute.   I needed to feel cute, and not like a hobbit.  Being a hobbit is the polar opposite of cute. 

My sister's boyfriend pointed out that he sees a lot of new moms cut their hair, and wanted to know why.  For me, I had to ditch the ponytail.  That ponytail was oppressive.  And I was working out (was, I know, I know) and the permafro was not a good look.  In addition to no more ponytail came the ability to easily wash and go!  I'm digging my new look. 

Now, I just have to get back to exercising.

Bye Bye Ponyfro

My new look

A lil flip :-)

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