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Scandal Blog: My Predictions for 3/21/13

8:56 PM

***DISCLAIMER**** I do not write for Scandal.  I don't have any insider knowledge.  I'm completely making this up.  If by chance I end up being right, it's because I've got magical psychic abilities (that do not work for the lotto) - or I've been watching Grey's Anatomy so long that I've figured out how this works.

****SPOILER ALERT**** There are likely no spoilers here.  But if there are, because I'm a good guesser, consider yourself warned.  Don't come back leaving me nasty comments.  Come back and think nasty comments and then click on the link above and order some shoes.  That'll show me. 

I've viewed the promos for the week

And they don't tell us poop!  Pooooooooop!!  Oh and there is this tease of a picture

So here we go:

  • Olivia is brought in to help some people with their drama.  Someone is accused of boinking someone they shouldn't.  That lady will lie about something, she'll get caught up, Olivia will fix it.  No one really cares about this part.  It helps move the show along but we're all here to see what the gladiators are doing and to see if Jake lives to see the end of the episode.  (Is lusting after the President's mistress treason?) 
  • Olivia knows who the mole is and she needs to let the white house know.  She could just call Cyrus but that's too easy/Cyrus is in the doghouse again.  Instead she tells Jake, which will put Jake in a pickle.  How will he pass on the message without letting Fitz know that he and Liv are getting cozy?  
  • Fitz thinks Liv is seeing someone new.  He'll give up the shower drinking for a minute because he's got a new mission, stalking Liv.  He'll finally figure out that ignoring her isn't working, so he'll resume his late night breathy phone calls.  Liv will fall for it cause she's a sucker for Fitz.  Dude must have quite the wang on him, cause goodness gracious.  
  • Mellie will be Mellie. (profound I know)
  • Cyrus will try to have someone killed
  • Huck will be Febreezed and will hack into something (HUCK!!! TRANSUINON FILE #245....) 
  • Abby and David will continue to do it, while thinking no one knows they're doing it, although everyone knows they're doing it.
  • Harrison will have a couple of good one-liners, but won't have a date.  Poor Harrison. 
Let's see how close I am.  24 hours to go!

Bout time ABC, bout time!  Got me making up my own Scandal, having the shakes.  It's just sad.  

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  1. You were right about a lot!! OMG...That phone call between Liv and Fitz last night was EVERYTHING...I wasn't ever much down with the swirl but man, Fitz'll make a sista change her mind...

    1. LOL! Fitz definitely has game! Can talk himself into anything. I'll be glad when he starts being nice to Olivia again. I don't like cranky Fitz


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