Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Scandal Blog: Jake Is Nuts

8:46 PM

We all want Liv to find love.  Some of us want her to find it with Fitz.  For Fitz to leave Mellie once and for all, presidency be damned.  Some of us think she's silly for walking away from Edison.  He was ready to wife her and give her babies.   Some of us think she should find a guy that looks exactly like Idris Alba and that he should spend all of their scenes without a shirt.


 Woooooo Lawd!  

I digress.  Some of us were happy when Liv ran into Jake in the not-a-Starbucks.  And even happier when Jake seemed like a nice guy, who was genuinely interested in Olivia Pope.  But then we found out he was a paid stalker.  Okay, not the greatest foundation for a relationship, but worse things have happened.   He gained a few points when he lied to Fitz "she's not seeing anyone".   And some of us may have given Jake a chance.  Maybe he'll make Liv happy.   We were even okay with photog beat down.  No one likes the paparazzi anyway. 

But then this happened... 

And it turns out that it is highly likely that Jake is a looney toon creeper.   And he's a super spy creeper at that, so he has all kinds of tools at his disposal.  

Nothing good can come of this.  

Except Idris.  Idris would be very good.  

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