Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Savings Minute - 3/20/13

9:53 PM

One of the things I've been pretty vocal about here is our desire to get in a better situation financially.  We're looking to do this while paying three arms, two livers and an a belly button for child care and having a house that is worth much less than what we paid for it.

One of the easiest things I've done to save is to clip coupons.  Yes, I know it's old fashioned, and no I don't buy 110 cans of dog food like on Extreme Couponing.  Here's the quick and dirty version.  You know there are some things that you're going to have to buy, cleaning products, razors, cereal, etc.   Print the coupons and put them in your purse.  That way, the next time you're in the store you have them with you.  And if you can combine them with a sale, even better. is a great site for printing coupons, just select and print. 

Another great site for savings is  This one works in two ways.  First, they advertise specials for all kinds of sites, from Macys to New York & Company.  Second, they actually pay you to shop.  A percentage (varies by store) of what you buy gets returned to you.  And, you get a gift card after your first qualifying purchase.

Even though they may not seem like "big" things, even saving in small amounts can add up! 

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