Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scandal Blog: Dear "The People" At Scandal

10:06 PM

Dear Head Gladiators,

On behalf of all of the Scandal addicted viewers everywhere, we have a few requests:

  1. Please stop with the extended breaks.  I’m sure there’s some grand reason for the extended breaks.  Although for the life of me I can’t figure out what that might be.  Shonda likes to make her characters work for their happiness, so maybe the audience has to suffer too?   “Oh, you’re addicted to this show huh?  You just sit here and watch this rerun and like it, and maybe you’ll get a new episode next week.  Or maybe not.” We don’t like waiting, Gladiators don’t wait.  Gladiators make things happen.  We can’t make things happen with reruns!
  2. Can Harrison have a love interest?  Everyone else has one, why not Harrison?  Is he waiting for Olivia?  Did he take a vow of celibacy? Does he have some deep, dark dating secret that prevents him from having someone?  Everyone else has had someone, even though no one is exactly lucky in that department. He was supposed to be a ladies man, but how can you be a ladies man with no ladies?
  3. To save everyone time from googling like mad on Friday when they should be working, can we have a list of everything Liv wears?  Everything.  Accessories, shoes, clothes, outerwear, everything.  I’m sure the designers would love the exposure and employers across America would love to have a rise in productivity.  It’s a win/win for everyone.
  4. See #1
  5. See #1
  6. See #1… You see what I’m doing here? 

Thank you,

A Gladiator in Yoga Pants  

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  1. Hahahah!! for real...I need to see what's going on with Jake!!

    1. I really want to like Jake. Of course we're going to find out something crazy about him, but until then, I'm fully #teamJake


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