Monday, March 18, 2013

Choosing A Different Adventure

10:33 PM

Today was one of those days.  I had a super Monday.  It was snow/hail/sleet/freezing raining, I was  running late, Ladybug had her first "mama please don't leave me here" meltdown at school, traffic was dumb, I didn't have a lunch, it was quite the morning. 

Today, I wanted to chose a different adventure.  Do you remember those books?  

Life any self-respecting nerd, I'd try to choose my own adventure at first, but would inevitably end up falling off a cliff or into a river and being eaten by piranhas or something.   So after a few tries, I'd do things differently.  I'd find a suitable ending, and then would go back to trace the steps I would've needed to make to get there. What's funny is sometimes the most "innocent" choices are what led you to your demise.  And then I'd try it from the beginning again, prepared with the "right" choices.  Sometimes, It would work, sometimes I'd end up falling off the cliff again. 

Today, I fell victim to my own head.  I spent most of my day kicking my own tail.  Wishing I'd played my hand differently.  But the truth is, no matter which path I'd taken, I may very well have ended up right here.    Here is where I'm supposed to be.  Even if it kind of sucks right now.

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