Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's Your Song?

9:59 PM

What's your theme song?  The song that amazingly seams to voice your life?  The one that seems to speak to everything you're feeling?  Sure this song will change, depending on what you're going through.  For example...

If I'm having a bad day at work

If I'm having a lovey dovey moment (also reminds me that working out is a good necessary thing)

If I kind of feel like Sade but don't want to go full Sade
(Going full Sade when you don't want to is a recipe for disaster)

Right now, as much as I do not like the Hippity Hop. As much as Kanye's voice makes me want to set things on fire and kick people.  It's all about those girls that get me through the day.

Thanks ladies, I love you guys :-)

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