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Scandal Blog: What If...

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Choices.  We all make them, often without giving a second thought.  It's completely possible that the next choice we make, no matter how insignificant it seems, may be the one that changes our lives forever.   In our own lives, we make the best decisions we can with the information we have at the time.  In Scandal-life, it's a bit different.  We, the viewer, usually have more information than the character and may be better equipped to make choices.

So here we have Scandal: What If Edition (according to Bek)

What if Liv never agreed to rigging the election?  
 - Some people like to think that had Fitz lost the election, he would have left Mellie and he and Olivia could be together forever.  They'd be free to be happy because he wouldn't be the president and his image wouldn't be so important.
  I don't believe that for a second.  Status is extremely important to Fitz, and losing the election would've been devastating to him.  With all of his daddy issues, plus his need for success, he would've been drinking scotch in the shower, just not the shower in the White House.  Mellie would be putting him back together again as best she could, and he'd still be mad at Liv for letting him lose.   He'd still be governor and would eventually get tossed out of office after a scandal involving him and a few barely-of-age interns.

What if Jake would've told Fitz that he was seeing Olivia? 
- After Fitz's face turned completely red, he would've played it off like it was no big deal.  Jake would've been excused and would've left the white house.  A day later, Jake would catch wind that there was a bounty on his head.  As he's in the intelligence agency, he'd go underground for a while, surfacing so that he could do an interview with Pierce Jacobson, the premier news anchor who believes there is a scandal involved in his disappearance. Before the interview, he's given a bottle of water that appears to be sealed.  He takes a sip and is dead 42 1/2 seconds later.  The coroner would later show a cause of death of a massive heart attack and Jake's body is cremated.

What if Huck would've run a full background check on "Becky"?
 - He would've found out that she wasn't at all who she said she was, and after some digging would've discovered that she was the female version of him.  He would've confronted her, and she would've been honest about her line of work, and would tell him that she admired his work, and had always wanted to meet him.  Huck would fall for this because he really wants a girlfriend, but would set up some surveillance of his own "Just-in-case".    He'd learn that she was to frame him for Fitz' assassination, and he'd lose it.  He'd have way too much fun killing her and then would wear her skin as a suit under his clothes  and would have relapsed into killing people for fun.

What if Harrison had a love interest? 
- How come everyone gets some action except for Harrison?  It's kind of hinted that he's a ladies man, he gave Huck dating advice, but where are the ladies?  Is it because the viewers swoon over him (I don't, and I don't understand it, but he does get more attractive when he has stern lines)?  Is it because his past also involves him hooking up with Liv and he's still waiting on her?  Did he take a vow of celibacy?  So many unanswered questions.  I don't think Harrison needs to be in love, but he could stand for a few dates *ahem*.  I think without one he's going to push up against Abby and no one really wants that. 

What if Liv enjoyed running instead of swimming? 
 - She'd be outside and would actually meet someone.  Not Edison's recycled self.  Not Jake who likes her because her ex was paying him to stalk her (I'd like to apply for professional stalking).  But a real person, that likes fitness, and works in DC doing DC things.  Sure Fitz would still be nutsy-coo-coo and would probably have that dude sniped, but at least she'd be putting herself out there.

What do you think?  What would you have our favorite characters do different?

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  1. lol...great thoughts to ponder! Thanks!!!

  2. What if Fitz finds out about Jake (and he is definetly going to find out) seeing\trying to date Olivia (and lied about it)he summons Jake to the White House. And Fitz plays it cool after the greeting and pleasantries but then cold cocks him one in the jaw?! Then lets him be on his way.

    1. Good point. He could just hit him, but I think Fitz has gone over to the dark side. He's already killed once, and he's gone a bit psycho over Liv

  3. Great post!!! I enjoyed the "What If"....topic on Scandal!

  4. Replies
    1. I'm glad! I hope you come back for more.


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