Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random Update of Randomness

10:29 PM

I've been lax with posting lately.  When I started this blog I said I was going to do better.  So I'm challenging myself  again to post daily.   I really do have a lot of things to talk about.  But I haven't forced myself to sit down and write. 

Until Friday, I'd done really well with the shred.   Then it didn't happen Saturday, and I ran around in a giant circle today and I'm going to be hurtin for certain when it's time to work out tomorrow.  The good news is that my break seemed to be what my knee needed.   I'm participating in Biggest Loser at work and through the first 3 weeks I'm in 9th place.  The top 3 win money.  I like money.  A lot.  A whole big ole lot.  I need to get focused so I can win the money and then do something responsible with it and then be mad at myself for not being irresponsible.

I found out my car is about a million dollars in the negative this weekend. That is extra not cool.  Especially since I'd decided a day and a half ago that I needed to trade my truck in for a teeny tiny fuel efficient car.  Like just a tad bigger than a clown car.  I hate when gas prices go up, I drive way too far (90 miles a day) for gas to be $4 a gallon. 

While I was waiting on my car, I went to the mall with Ladybug and my mom.  We went into a store that I'd never heard of before, but that I liked a lot and signed up for their emails.  Today, I received the first email, and my first thought was ohhhh... too bad I don't know when I'm going to be that way again.  Like I was on vacation or something.  The mall is like 20 minutes from my house.  That is sad.  The mall is like a foreign land now. 

I really wanted to go see Beyoncé, but since there were no tickets at the inn, I've watched this dang documentary approximately eleventy times.  She puts on an awesome show. So if anyone wants to give me tickets that would be greeeeaaaaatttttt.  Yes, give.

Freezer cooking has been such a time and stress saver for me.  Today was the first meal that I was like "meh" about. It had such potential. The recipe called for frozen broccoli.  If I make this again, I'll leave the broccoli out until the very end.  it gave off way too much water and my chicken alfredo ended up soupy.  Decent flavor but soupy.  meh.

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