Friday, February 1, 2013

Scandal Blog: Mellie For The Win

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Wow. So much scandal. So little time.


First and foremost! I told you so . People said I was crazy, turns out I was right and Mellie said it with her own mouth. She did not build Fitz up for some other woman to have him. All of her hard work, all of her efforts in making him feel good about himself was not wasted. Look! He's the President! In fact, if it weren't for Mellie getting him to get his stuff together, Fitz wouldn't be the man that Liv fell in love with in the first place. People try to act like they have no idea what this is about, but everyone knows someone (or was the someone) who's been through this. You meet someone, you like them, they've got issues but you deal with it, you see their potential. So you help them, "Upgrade them" as Beyonce would say. Helped them love themselves, supported them and instead they get an education (CDL, trade school, ITT Tech, pass the Post Office test), cleaned up their credit, got them clothes from the current decade. And that person blossoms and becomes all that you thought they could be. But are they thankful? Nope. Now they are "better" and think they can "do better" and enter Kanye's (who ever thought I'd quote HIM?!?!) famous line from Gold Digger. Pffft. Sorry bruh. Not Mellie. Mellie didn't put in all that work, fixing you up so you could leave her for somebody else. Nope. She'll take you out first.

Oh yeah. It's completely possible she did it. And purposely tried to set up Huck to implicate Olivia. She'd fix them both at once. She's not my first option, but I could see it. And I couldn't be mad at her. I've watched Snapped, sometimes you've just got to kill him. She's given him her life and three babies. And she tried to warn him. Sorry Fitz.

I will say I'm surprised that baby was real. Very. And I wouldn't be surprised if they have to go on Maury, but I'm okay with that too. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying I understand.


Huck is my favorite character. I'd like him to be my friend. He's the most loyal and honest person on the show. He'd walk through fire for his friends, especially Liv. He doesn't judge. Yeah, he kills people sometimes, but only when they deserve it. Or someone's paid him well. But outside of that one little flaw, he's cool. It's funny how the character who on the surface is the most corrupt truly has the purest character.


People sleep on Cyrus. Everyone talks about Hollis being the spawn of Satan, but somehow Cyrus flies under the radar. They like to say that Fitz is "pure" and "good" but truth is he's just as dirty as the rest of them, he just uses Cyrus to do it. He's a vote rigging, baby stealing, intern murdering manipulator and no one calls him on it (except Huck). Liv is finally starting to see him for who he is, and it'll be interesting to see where things go.

While I could see Mellie being responsible for the assassination attempt, I don't think it'll go that way. That'd be too easy. And it'd give Fitz a good out even if she played the "I was a crazy pregnant lady cause my husband was cheating on me" card. Shonda seems to like to make her characters work for their happiness. This is only season one. It took Meredith and Derek like 7. Way too easy way too early.

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  1. Like I told people last night. Mellie put in the work for him to be Governor. Olivia put in the work for him to be President.
    Mellie made Fitz into a Governor. Olivia made Fitz into a President.


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