Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting fit huuurrrttttssss

9:34 PM

Getting in shape is hard work.

I've been offline for a while, it started with Ladybug getting sick, then me getting sick, and then a whole lot of trying to get back into the swing of things.

I started the Shred a few days later than I anticipated due to a wicked case of the bubble guts (you're welcome!).  It was both easier and harder than I thought it'd be.  You know you're in trouble when your arms get tired while doing the warm-up windmills.  And then she wanted me to do push-ups.  No, not the ice cream.  Push my body up with my own arms!  I could do about 1/52nd of one.

Prior to the first workout, I decided I didn't need a sports bra because no one could see me work out.  That was an epic fail and I may have sustained some eye damage. *ahem*  I rectified that rather quickly.  I didn't need to make up any new swear words, but I did walk around in a circle chanting the f word repeatedly.  (you should try it, it's therapeutic).

Around day five, my knee started to bother me. My guess is I tweaked it doing jumping jacks (which Ladybug finds hilarious!) and continuing to work out on it was probably not the best idea. Because now it hurts for real, and my other knee is joining in on the fun.  I've modified some of the exercises to try and give it a break.  Although I'm still on Level 1, my stamina has greatly improved, I can do 7 or 8 push ups without stopping and I am chanting the f word less often.  I've noticed some changes in my arms, and legs, so I know I'm tightening up even if I'm not losing a lot of pounds.

It probably would've been a good idea to measure myself.  Hmmm.. Maybe tomorrow.

In an effort to give my knee a rest, I dusted off Power Yoga, which I don't think I ever did way back when I bought it.  Even though I was unfamiliar with the poses, it was easy to catch on to that part.  At least during the warm up.  Then they started going through the poses rather quickly (hence the POWER) and I got winded.  But then Ladybug rescued me (ha!), by insisting I do "Toddler Clinging To Mommy" in lieu of "Downward Facing Dog".  She also fast forwarded to the cool down.  Thanks kid!

I think I'll alternate the two, but be heavier on the shred.

How are your workouts coming along?

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  1. Now I don't have to harass you for a blog post! Yay!! We got you exercising! That is no small feat considering you spoke of it as if the devil himself lived in all exercise moves! Lol. I'm uber proud of you. Good job with the toddler. My hooligan kids stand around a snicker at me. They manage to hit the living room just as I'm ready to pass out during circuit 3!

    1. Girl!!!! This is teamwork and peer pressure at its finest. I still don't like it. And now that my knees are like ppfffttt I extra don't like it. But I'm still doing it.

      Make them kids do it too! LOL

  2. They *claim* they're going to do Ripped in 30 with me. We'll see :)


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