Saturday, January 19, 2013


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A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about "the day before", a friend made the comment that she was glad she'd gotten all the wild and crazy stuff out of her system. And I admitted that I never did, wild and/or crazy.  I maxed all of my credit cards out a couple of times, but I don't think that counts.

For the most part, wild and/or crazy makes me tired.  I don't like to go "out" in the traditional sense.  The idea of going to the club annoys me (people too close, someone might touch me, it's loud), but I enjoy a nice dinner and a movie.

I was encouraged to put together my own YOLO list.  And I thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it... And I came up with nothing.  I'd want to eat and get in the bed early.  That's the exact opposite of YOLO. 

So, I looked to the song for inspiration (worst choice ever!) First, who knew the name of the song wasn't YOLO? I surely didn't.  I learned:

  • "Maybe she won't, but maybe she will" - I'm not sure how exactly one would apply this in real life.  He's pretty much covered all of the bases, "maybe it won't rain, maybe it will" huh?  This doesn't sound like YOLO.  It sounds like no one knows whats going on.
  • If you happen to be drowning to one part of a woman's anatomy, you can swim to another.  How big is this woman that you have to swim there?  The two things are pretty dang close.
  • They like sitting on a bench, but they don't really play?  That's what losers do.  "We'll just watch" What?  Get off your butt and play the dang game.
YOLO is different for everyone.  If I had my choice I'd read, write, eat (I know) spend time with the fam. and play Keno.  Keno isn't exactly "clubbing hard" but it works for me.

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  1. When I think of my life, the words wild and crazy are two words which don't even come into it. Orderly, peaceful, and fulfilled are the words that rock my world. I like sexy and sensual as well. I am not signing my name, but I think you know who I am.

    1. I've thought about it and thought about it and nope! Glad to see you comment, hope you continue to come back.

  2. After a FB friend posted a pic of a box of Krispy Kremes (mmmmmmm!) I remembered the times a group of us would get together at one or another's house and drink. Oh, we'd play cards or watch movies or sports, and drink. Couple of us had kids, but toddlers who went to bed early. Hang overs with toddlers is an unfortunate experience. We'd also, quite often, grade the homework of one of our friends. He taught like 5th grade or something. Probably the "wildest" times of my life!

    Now I'd wish for a life of non cooking and travel!!! And be wiiiiildly relaxed! Lol!


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