Monday, January 7, 2013

Truth Hurts

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"Your pants are flooding and your socks are too short"  - my husband

They say that "truth hurts".  And most of the time it does, because that "truth" is nearly always negative.  No one sits you down and gives you a dramatic pause before telling you "you look really pretty today" or "your smile makes me happy".  That truth is always something along the lines of "mama I smoked the tv" or "Your girlfriend is testing dude #5 on Maury."

It turns out that the "truth" is very rarely pleasant for anyone.  The person saying the truth really doesn't want to say it, and the person getting told the truth really doesn't want to hear it. And in the end, someone ends up with their feelings hurt because "you can't handle the truth" is more than an awesome line in an awesome movie.
So why do it?  Why put yourself out there to tell someone something they don't want to know in the first place?  Will the truth set them free?  Probably not. If they wanted to be free, they would've freed themselves already. Will the truth set you free?  Maybe. Maybe you get to feel as though you gave it your best, and did the best thing that you could for the other person, allowing them to make their own choice with all the options.  But probably not.

Some truths are easier than others. My comfy yoga pants do flood (but they are soooo comfy) and my ankle socks aren't cutting it and I shouldn't be surprised that my legs get cold.  But I'm totally wearing those pants right now.  I know the truth, yet I choose to ignore it (I"m cheap!).  And that's okay with yoga pants, or at least I'm telling myself its okay. But in other areas in life, it is not, but we do it every day:

  • I haven't had any health issues yet - so this weight is ok
  • I know he/she isn't doing anything positive in my life, but I don't want to be alone
  • I'd move forward if only I had more opportunity, not that I've ever taken advantage of opportunities before
  • Spending money I don't have is ok, even though I'm barely keeping my head above water
  • My circumstances aren't my fault, this is what the world did to me
The most important person to be truthful with is yourself.  You may be able to fool everyone else, but you owe it to you to be real.  Is this really the best you can do?  Is where you are now okay?  Do you really need someone else to tell you you're horrible at making life decisions?  Or can you be truthful with yourself and do better?

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