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Scandal Blog: The Mysterious Mellie Mel

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Mellie Grant is misunderstood.   (end post - LOL)

Her story is not unlike that of a folk hero, Bernie Harris.  Both of them supported their lawyer husband's career, in the process sacrificng their own.  In the end Bernie got left for the other woman, and she enacted her own revenge.
I got your secretary right here!!!!

Mellie played her cards differently.  When we're first let in on their relationship, we see that Olivia had to force Fitz and Mellie to act like they loved each other. We don't know what the cause of the problems was.  Was the campaign taking a toll?  Were they fighting over something petty that neither of them was adult to let go?  Or had they simply grown apart?  We don't know yet.  But we do know that Mellie stood by her man, doing what she thought was best for him, for them.  Although some people say that Mellie's ambition is too much, she's pushing Fitz to work towards his dreams.  We may not understand that push when it comes to being president, but we definitely understand strongly encouraging the men in our lives to finish that class, to go for that promotion, to do what it takes to get to the next level.  She has stepped in every time it seemed as though he was going to falter.  "We haven't cuddled cause we lost a baby", "it's time to improve your approval rating, we're pregnant", "you can't possibly win Ohio, let's fix the election."  Wives step in, that's what we do.  Helpmate.

The thing is, while Mellie was busy working towards their dream (and yes, it had to have been their dream) Fitz was following a different dream.  He figured out that Mellie really wasn't the one for him.  Or at least he doesn't think she is right now.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  It's a typical cheating relationship.  Fitz found someone who gave him something that he felt was missing.  And he went all out.   They hid the relationship, and you can tell that at one point Mellie really felt Olivia was a confidant. Whoops.

We know Mellie knew (even if she told herself she didn't) about the relationship before Mr. Secret Service Man outed them.  She had choices.  She could've left Fitz, created the scandal of the century, a sitting president cheating on his wife in the White House.  Think Monica Lewinsky times 10.   But if she destroyed Fitz, she would've destroyed herself, and everything she gave up to help him be the man he wanted to be would've been for nothing.   Hillary Clinton dealt.  The wives of athletes and actors deal.  Heck, the wives of every day people deal.  Maybe because they tell themselves "It's just sex", maybe because ending the relationship would hurt them as much as it would hurt him, maybe it's because they've worked too hard building a life to let another woman take it from them, maybe it's because they really meant it when the said "until death".

Whatever the reason, I believe Mellie has gotten a bad rep. She's no different than a million other wives out there, except her adversary is THE Olivia Pope.

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  1. You hit the nail the head more, couldn't agree with you more. Olivia as a part of the DC5 rigged the election because she saw how much Fitz wanted to be President, he said so in the backyard scene from the last episode. I don't think anything that Mellie has done can be any worst that rigging an election in the name of "LOVE" They both did it for various reasons and no ones better than the other.

    1. Thanks for posting!

      Agreed, everyone has their own reasons, no one is pure at heart.

  2. Your blog is great but I have to disagree with you. Mellie is not misunderstood. Mellie is Mellie. People are sleeping on Mellie. I would first say I love Mellie but I also don't trust Mellie.
    I am sorry Mellie is not a wife scorned and she definitely is not a victim. If the affair hurt Mellie so much she should have shut it down as soon as she found out. Instead she became complicit affair, arranged for Fitz to see Olivia, and even scolded Olivia for ending the affair.
    Hmmm? Mellie stood by Fitz to farther her own ambitions and there is nothing wrong. with that but hey Mellie has to suffer the consequences of allowing her husband to have an affair. It backfired on her because now Fitz is in love with Olivia Pope.
    This last episode showed me that Mellie married Jerry's Legacy, not Fitz.
    I have disagree with you. Mellie is different from most wives because most wives would not allow there husband to have an affair. Now there are wives who would allow it but not most.
    Mellie never considered Olivia a Friend. Olivia was a convience that was going to help Mellie become First Lady. Mellie has always been fake with Olivia Pope. She uses Olivia when she needs something and that is not a friend sorry. I always go back to Episode 1 of Season 1 and see how fake Mellie is with Olivia. Telling Olivia you don't write or call when she knew damn well why Olivia has not written or call them in 2 years.
    Mellie may have built Fitz to be Governor of California but Olivia Pope built him to be the President of the United States.
    The funny thing is that People say Mellie misunderstood but I see Mellie for what she is. But hey people see things differently and have different opinions.

    1. First, thanks for posting. Second, I'm not sure that we completely disagree.

      Even if Mellie married Fitz for his stature, I don't think that's unusual for a wife. In fact, when dealing with rich/famous it's probably the norm. As is being accepting of an affair, although I'll concede that it's unusual to complain to the other woman that she wasn't doing her job.

      I don't see Mellie as a victim, she's taking care of her own business. She doesn't need to end their relationship to do so. And Fitz also had options, he could've walked away, but either didn't want to until now or he also decided it wasn't worth it.

    2. If I am not mistaken. Fitz tried to leave Mellie that is why he was trying to resign in Episode 7 of Season 1. Remember he told Olivia "A man that is not President can divorce his wife". Olivia started to feel guilty after talking to Cyrus and Stephen. That is why Mellie & Olivia made that deal to stop Fitz from resigning.

  3. I forgot to add something. I loved the picture of Bernadine from Waiting to Exhale. That is one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Bernadine & Mellie are nothing a like. They are different. The difference is that Bernadine found out about the affair and did not become complicit. She got her revenge and that is wife who is scorned and hurt by her husband's affair.
    Mellie is a different story. Mellie became complicit in the affair. Now her husband loves the other woman and is willing to give it all up for this other woman. Mellie should have known affairs are unpredictable. People's feelings and emotions become involved and that can lead other things.


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