Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hard work...Dedication

10:08 PM

Biggest Loser is back!!! And I'm so excited. Sure it's unreasonable to think you can duplicate the results at home in the same timeframe unless you work out 8 hours a day and have a team of specialists. But it's still inspirational to see people transform their lives. Oh and puke.

If you've never exercise induced vomiting you haven't lived. Or you haven't pushed your body way harder than it was ready to go. It's pretty much the worst thing ever. It's also the best part of the first workout, when everyone falls out and pukes. It's one of my favorite parts , it may be because I'm mean on the inside. It's probably because I'm mean on the inside. Maybe it's metaphoric for purging the bad stuff from your life, but that's totally a stretch.

My December challenge ended horribly. . After my magic week I magically stopped trying. I have to do better.

I'm coming up with a new challenge for myself . It's going to have to include diet and exercise. Even though exercise makes me sad. It'd probably be a good idea to adjust how I feel about exercise. It's about as appealing to me as chitterlings (you shouldn't eat things that were literally full of poo) but I have to deal.

Also Dolvett wears way too many shirts. Way!

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