Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Starting Over

9:47 PM

This is my blog3.0.

I blogged for years, chronicling my journey through: infertility, weight loss and gain, our first home purchase.  And then I had Ladybug and I let it go.  I tried to start up again, but didn't stick with it.

Things are different now.  I miss writing.  I miss being able to look back at a part of my life and see how I was doing. I miss having an outlet.  I miss being accountable.  It's hard to eat Buffalo Wild Wings once a week if everyone knows that you're on a diet.

My actual lunch from today, it was delicious
I'm back.  I'll be talking about all of our favorite subjects:

  • Mommydom - I had (have) a baby!  Who's now a toddler (my widdle baby isn't so widdle anymore *pout*)
  • Weight Loss - And I'm putting numbers out there - see accountability! I was 230 lbs when I got pregnant with Ladybug.  I only gained 20 pounds during my pregnancy and lost it nearly immediately.  Then I lost another 20, and I stayed there.  And I didn't even try.  Turns out breastfeeding is the best cardio ever.   In fact, my body forbade me to diet, whenever I'd try to watch what I ate, my supply would drop.  I'd eat like a pig (see picture above) and I'd be rewarded with a great pumping session at work.  I'm done pumping at work and am slowly weaning us off the nighttime and morning feeds (operative word slowly) so I will not have that "cardio" cushion for much longer.  I never want to be as big as I was, so I need to get on it.  And no, on it is not another order of wings although they were so yummy.
  • Finances - In our infinite wisdom stupidity, we bought a house right before the housing bubble burst.  And then we bought a bunch of stuff to put in said house.  And then I bought a car.  In hindsight, this was not the greatest plan I've ever come up with.  Gas prices skyrocketed, toll prices doubled and my bonus was decreased and delayed - the perfect storm of too much debt and not enough options.  I've paid off about 35% my consumer debt, but I've got a long way to go.
  • Random - Whatever random foolishness (and there is a lot) happens to be running through my head. 
I look forward to posting again and reading your comments.  It's a new journey, and I'm glad to have you all along for the ride. 

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  1. Your lunch looks sooooo good! :D

    I'm excited to read more of your writing... welcome back!

  2. Yay!

    I've resurrected the blog as well. I will keep you on track if you keep me on track! :)

  3. Oh how Ive missed your blog randomness!!! However,you need to get rid of that awful awful pic!!! lol


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