Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Scandal Blog: Lessons from Huck

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By now, just about everyone has watched the Scandal winter finale (if you haven't stop here, unless you don't care about things being spoiled, then keep going).

He cleans up well doesn't he
My favorite CIA trained killer is in a bit of a pickle. He found out that the woman that he loved is not who he thought she was. In fact, everything about her was a lie.  Even bigger than that, she was sent to destroy him, to rob him of his freedom, to frame him for murder.   And so far, she's succeeded.  So how did he get here, and what can we learn from his mistakes?

  • He didn't do any research - Huck was trained to research the people in his life.  In fact, someone asked him if he'd run a background check on "Becky", he said no, I didn't have to. That was a huge mistake, had he looked he would've figured out fairly quickly that her life was just a cover.  But he didn't look any deeper than the surface because he wanted to believe that she was the person he'd been waiting for. 
  • He told her too much - Some things should remain private.  There's a time for full disclosure, but that time is typically not a few months into the relationship.  Yes, it is important to let down your guard to let someone in, but you should be sure that they are worthy of that honor first. 
  • He ignored people who cared about him - After everyone else figured out she was on some b.s. Huck was still championing Becky's cause. He was in denial. He couldn't see what she had done simply because he didn't want to.  Newsflash: if everyone in your life says that a certain individual is bad news, they are. 
  • He underestimated his opponent - Even after realizing that she'd set him up, and that she was also a contract killer, he made some super mistakes.  Once he decided he was going to turn her in, he should've gone full special ops, secret squirrel, super spy.  Does he? Nope.  He calls Harrison on the phone like he was ordering a pizza.  He forgot he was dealing with his equal, and that cost him a lot. 
We've all made Huck's mistakes. My most common is number three.  I've learned if everyone else is saying that someone is bad news they typically are, and that it makes much more sense to cut them off than to wait for the bad thing to happen. Too bad it's easier said than done.

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