Saturday, December 22, 2012

Challenge Update # 1

9:09 PM

Nine days ago I started my personal challenge.  There have been some losses and some wins.

- No eating out: Not a win!  But not horrible.  I've eaten out three times.  Once because I left my lunch at home, once because I took K to the doctor and I HAVE to have White Castles after the doctor (it's good luck?, it says it on the copay receipt?  I really like loaded fries?), and once because the husband had Chipotle and I had to have some!  I had to.  And the baby likes beans.  So it was really for her.
I should feel bad about eating these.  But I do not. 

- Google: A win!  I haven't been doing as much random internet surfing. Partly because I'm dedicated to the cessation of procrastination.  Mostly because the baby's sitter moved and she's further away so my drive is longer and it is wearing me out.  I'm too tired to Google!  Imagine that

- "Do Right" - A win! I've been trying really hard.  All of my homework is done and the class is over.  I did some laundry once or twice and I cataloged all of the baby's things for donation.  Progress. 

- Write Daily - A win/loss.  I've been writing nearly (almost) daily, but not all of it has been done here.  Homework is writing, even though it is boring writing that makes me sleepy.
   - Does anyone else's brain just shut down when they get bored?  It's like I have a mental screen   saver, it's really bad for productivity.

On the weight loss front, it may be a Christmas miracle, but I lost again this week.  I've had mostly home cooked meals, and I'm sure that's helped a lot.  And I've been on it with my water. Except for today.  Today my kidneys are sad and dry and I'm full of pop and O.J.  I haven't been exercising and I know I need to, and I will, just not today.

Week 2 Results: 1.5 lbs lost, current weight 211.0. It's a miracle.
Week 1 Results: 3.5 lbs lost, current weight 212.5. Headed in the right direction!
Starting Weight - 216

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