Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1,200 seems like a lot, but is it really?

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In the words of Michael Jackson,
     "Gonna make a change
         For once in my life
            It's gonna feel real good.."

Well, that part isn't true, losing weight typically sucks.  A lot.  There's the not eating all (and I mean all literally) the yummy food and the dreaded exerstupidcise.  And it's not exactly "once", it's more like attempt # 457. 

Today was day 1 of "do right".  I should start by saying the "do right" does not come naturally to me. Some friends and I were discussing our temptation foods, they had normal lists... I had

  1. Pizza
  2. Fried Chicken
  3. Nachos
  4. Tacos
  5. Spaghetti
  6. French Fries
  7. Italian Beefs
  8. BACON!!!!
  9. Other foods topped with or stuffed with bacon
I think about food way too much.  I spend the part of my day before lunch thinking about lunch, and the period after lunch thinking about dinner.  Hell, oftentimes I eat my lunch in the car before I even get to work.  Cold.  With my hands.  (it's probably a bad sign that I am not ashamed)

Today, I weighed in at a whopping 216.  Four of those pounds are directly related to the "bloat" (sexy!!!) from yesterday's lunch.  The rest of it is directly related to all of the things I stuff in my pie hole.

So even though today is not a Monday, I logged all of my calories.  I had a goal of 1,200, which sounds like a lot.  If someone offered me $1,200 I wouldn't think, "what am I supposed to do with that piddly amount?" but that's exactly how I felt about my calorie allocation.   I pretty much failed at breakfast.  Oatmeal cookies and hot chocolate out of the vending machine.  Lunch was a Lean Cuisine (score!!!)  and dinner was turkey nachos.  Delicious, yummy, cheesy, delectable nachos.  I ended up 104 calories over, which isn't THAT bad considering, well everything. And if I really wanted to I could use my "cardio" and offset those calories.

Not a bad start.  Not a great start.  Usually I'm good for a few days until I get stressed and need to medicate with yummy, fatty, goodness.  That's probably part of the problem.  It's yummy, fatty badness.

My goal weight is ~180, which is 36 pounds away.

Goal #1 - 6 pounds by 12/31/12

I'm not waiting until Jan 1st, I need to make life changes starting today.  Hopefully, we can keep each other accountable.  Because I know I'm not the only one fighting the bulge.

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  1. Let's do it!!!!!

    We'll learn to think of food in a new way!


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